Do you have brittle nails that break often? Do your nails not grow after a certain length? If you have always desired long nails, let London Nail Company make your dreams come true. We are highly skilled manicurists for nail extensions in Tunbridge Wells, and our nail technicians specialise in gel nail extensions as well as acrylic nail extensions. 

With our extensive experience, we can create unique designs and long-lasting nail extensions. We exclusively use high-quality nail polish, powders, and products from some of the leading brands.

Whether you want almond-shaped nails to elongate your fingers, or coffin style for an edgy look, we can make it happen. Not only this, but if you have lost or broke one or some of your nails, we are happy to fix them.

We are proud to offer professional nail extensions at reasonable prices. Book today!

Gel Nail Extensions Tunbridge Wells

Bold nails make a statement. However, growing your nails can take a while and maintaining natural nails isn’t easy. London Nail Company is pleased to present the perfect solution– gel nail extensions! 

Gel nail extensions involve a pre-shaped tip that’s bonded to your natural nail. This gel tip can be easily filed into your desired shape or elevated with custom nail art. This option not only lasts long but is also better for overall nail health.

Whether you want longer nails or nail art, gel nail extensions are an easy and long-lasting option. What are you waiting for? Get them today!


Acrylic Nail Extensions Tunbridge Wells

Long, sculpted nails look elegant and can do wonders for your confidence. At London Nail Company, we specialise in acrylic nail extensions. Acrylic nails are a sturdier way to extend and add length to your nail, and can be easily shaped to suit your needs. 

With a calming ambience, our salon is the perfect place to unwind and pamper yourself with a professional manicure. Whether you are getting acrylics for the first time or need a new set, we are happy to help.

We offer tailored acrylic manicures at highly competitive prices. Our technicians are also talented at custom nail art.

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From gel nail extensions to acrylic nail extensions, we do it all. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Our aim is to become a national leader in professional nail, lashes, hand and foot beauty. We are deeply committed to advancing the nail care industry, The London Nail Co devotes significant time and resources to product research and development, education and customer support.


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