Are you tired of shaving? Are you going on a vacation soon? Skip the hassle of razors and enjoy the long-lasting results of waxing. At London Nail Company, we offer a range of waxing services in Tunbridge Wells, including strip waxing, hot waxing and Lycon waxing.

Waxing promises a number of benefits over other methods of hair removal. While shaving may be convenient, it can lead to cuts, razor burns and ingrown hairs. But you don’t have to worry about any of those with waxing. This method has also been shown to reduce hair growth over time, as well as exfoliate the skin.

Your health and safety are our top priority; that’s why we ensure to follow the highest standards of hygiene. We exclusively use high-quality products suitable for all skin types.

Strip Waxing Tunbridge Wells

Whether you want to remove noticeable facial hair, or coarse leg hair, it’s time to visit London Nail Company. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals specialising in strip waxing in Tunbridge. We offer strip waxing for upper lips, chin, legs and arms. 

If you are looking for a mess-free and fast way to remove hair, strip waxing is the way to go. This method promises easy application, no skin dragging and a better grip for easier hair removal. From half-leg to full-arm strip waxing, we do it all. Our waxing services are available at reasonable prices. Book today!


Hot Waxing Tunbridge Wells

Hot waxing is a highly effective method suitable for removing hair from different parts of the body. This wax removes hair follicles from the root without pulling at the skin. If you are searching for a skilled expert for hot waxing in Tunbridge, you’ve come to the right place. At London Nail Company, we have extensive experience in hot waxing. We offer many types of hot waxing services, which include regular, Californian, Brazilian, triangular and Hollywood waxing. 

We strictly adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. You can rest assured that our technicians always use fresh spatulas and fresh wax for every client. Book an appointment now!

Lycon Waxing Tunbridge Wells

Are you looking for a wax that will effectively remove the tiniest of hairs without damaging your skin? At London Nail Company, we offer Lycon waxing in Tunbridge Wells. Lycon is a leading brand manufacturing depilatory wax formulated from the finest resin beeswax, natural oils and other amazing ingredients. This widely popular wax promises virtually pain-free hair removal and long-lasting results. It’s suitable for different parts of the body and all skin types.

We offer Lycon waxing services at highly competitive prices. Our technicians wear gloves, use new spatulas and fresh wax to ensure high standards of hygiene.

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